Carhartt WIP

Carhartt Work In Progress, or Carhartt WIP evolved out of the original Carhartt brand, started by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889. As one of the first companies to pioneer true work wear in the United States, Carhartt manufactured overalls in both duck and denim throughout the late 1880's into the early 1900s. Their operation expanded to include cotton mills across the USA, furthering their durable workwear offerings. 


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With Carhartt's early success, the brand experienced a boom after the first world war, with key styles including the now iconic Carhartt Chore Coat being introduced in 1923 - helping to cement the Carhartt brand as the best in their field, both stylistically and functionally. 

Maintaining a key focus on the needs and wants of their customer, Carhartt never took their finger off the pulse. In the 1960s they produced a line of sporting apparel, as well as jeans and shirts, manoeuvring away from their staunch workwear approach for the first time. 

It wasn't until 1989 that Carhartt was introduced to the European market for the first time. The brands existing success and ability to seep into all aspects of street/sub cultures of the time including being worn by many notable hip hop artists help further establish Carhartt as a household name. 

Carhartt WIP was first introduced in 1994 as the European distribution arm of the American workwear brand. Adapting their styles to suit the European consumer, Carhartt WIP opened a store in London, as well as seeding their product through the evolution of their BMX and skate teams. 

Over the years Carhartt WIP have continued to dominate the streetwear space, through a number of collaborations with high profile brands/record labels/designers and many more. 

Certain styles and lines of product have become synonymous with Carhartt WIP. The Carhart WIP Chase programme of product includes core carry over t shirt, sweatshirt and hoody styles available each season in an array of colours. 

The Carhartt WIP Chore Coat remains a constant also, keeping the brands workwear foundations at the forefront. Alongside Carhartt WIP clothing, the brand produce a unique range of accessories every season, perfect for the home, bringing Carhartt WIP flavour to every space. 

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