CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment

CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment - or Comfy Outdoor to some, was founded in Seattle in 1910. Originally set up to create high quality down products, such as quilts, the brand transitioned into jackets to help combat the harsh winters of the American North West. After the brand faded away in the 1980's Comfy Outdoors was picked up by seasoned Japanese buyer and Director of premium boutique LOSTHILLS, Makoto Okuya, and reinvented for the modern outdoor consumer.


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CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment took on a new direction, maintain the brands ethos of creating just what it says it does - comfy outdoor garments. With a strong focus on premium, functional material, the brand merges perfectly the worlds of urban exploration and mountaineering, with an inbuilt thought process that people want to look as good n the mountain as they do in the streets.

Design-wise, CMF Outdoor Garment takes a heavy influence from vintage styles sourced across the USA during Makoto's time as a buyer. Pushing the boundaries fo what mountainwear should look like, and how it translates into the more modern consumers wardrobe makes CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment one of the most unique outerwear options on the market. Hit the link below to shop the latest from CMF Comfy Outdoor Garment online now at The Chimp Store.

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