The story behind the Columbia Sportswear brand - and its offshoot Columbia Sportswear, is one rich in history. Beginning in 1937 when Columbia's founder, Gert Boyle, and her family fled Nazi Germany, settling in Portland, Oregon - they purchased a small hat manufacturer, which they promptly named the Columbia Hat Company. 


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As the Columbia Hat Company grew, it was passed from Gert's Father, to her husband, and then to Gert who became an overnight CEO after her husbands untimely passing in 1970. Known as the "Tough Mother" Gert Boyle took the Columbia company from strength to strength throughout the 1970s, developing their product line to include functional outerwear, jackets, trousers and various other pieces of outdoor gear. 

Gert's legendary motto "It's perfect. Now make it better" is what helped build Columbia Sportswear into what it is today. During the 1980s Columbia introduced their Bugaboo parka line, the changed the uniform of skiers on the slopes, as well as inner city folk, with the brand eventually seeping into street culture - becoming popular alongside brands including Tommy Jeans and Ralph Lauren's Snow Beach range.

From the 80s, and throughout the 90s Columbia continued to develop an expand their range of products, often specialising in key areas of outdoor pursuits such as skiing and fishing. 

Fast forward into the mid 2000's and Columbia had started to introduce market leading product technology such as their Omni-Heat Reflective lining, and later their Omni-Freeze ZERO - going on to win National Geographic's Adventure Hear Award. 

The Columbia Sportswear we know and love here at The Chimp Store brings functional jackets and fleece alongside wardrobe essential hoodies, t shirts and more each season. Key styles include the Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece in both full and half zip fleece options. 

Columbia fleece are a sure fire addition to any wardrobe. From pullover Columbia fleece to zip fleece styles, each season the brand produce key styles that never break the bank. The Columbia Steens Fleece comes in two colour options, while the Helvetia Half Snap Fleece provides a great pullover option. Columbia Sportswear fleece remains a favourite here at The Chimp Store. 

Columbia jackets including the Columbia Pike Lake Jacket remain a firm favourite all year round. With their down insulation and Omni-Heat technology, they're the perfect jacket for those colder days. 

Columbia t shirts such as their CSC Basic Logo T Shirt keep the Columbia branding at the forefront, in a soft cotton blend, and come in a range of colours. 

Columbia hoodies are cosy, functional and won't break the bank. Shop styled including the Columbia Field Creek Hoody and Field ROC Hoody online now at The Chimp Store.

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