Since 1922 Dickies have lead the charge when it comes to workwear. Beginning life as the Williamson-Dickies Manufacturing Co. the company was the largest clothing manufacturer in the Southwest United States, specifically Fort Worth Texas. 


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Stand out styles that helped put Dickies on the map are not dissimilar from the styles on offer today. Matching sets of work shirts and trousers took off during the 1930s thanks to their hardwearing qualities and fit for purpose manufacturing process. 

As many companies did during the 1940s Dickies were drafted in to help produce uniforms for US soldiers during the Second World War. This mass scale production allowed Dickies to fine tune their processes and develop a huge range of products quickly. 

In the 1950s the Dickies brand made its way to Europe. Exporting their most popular workwear sets, the brand experienced success across the water just as it had done at home. 

Stand out styles that Dickies are known for today have stood the test of time. The Dickies 874 Work Pant, favoured by skaters and streetwear kids alike were first introduced in 1967 and haven't changed since. With their centre crease, durable cotton twill material and high waist fit, the Dickies 874 Work Pant is as good now as it's always been.

As with many heritage brands, Dickies capitalised on its own success when their products started to organically permeate facets of popular culture, with the brand being picked up by hip hop artists and street kids in the 1980s. This natural progression lead Dickies to produce more casual styles including Dickies t shirts, shirts and jackets

The trickle down effect of this product diversification lead to Dickies being adopted by skaters the world over. Favouring the Dickies 873 and 874 Work Pants with their relaxed fit and durable material makeup, they became the new uniform of the skateparks throughout the 90s, just as they are today. 

Taking things global, Dickies expanded their line across the world, introducing new styles and seasonal collection - much of which you will find here at The Chimp Store. Key styles including the Dickies Oakport Hoody and Sweatshirt are available each season in a number of colour options. 

Dickies Porterdale T Shirts are a great go to t shirt option, with a simple chest pocket and Dickies tab branding - old school style that looks great with any outfit ensemble. 

Dickies jackets take on silhouettes from workwear options to srteetstyle must have's and come in a number of colours. Key styles include the Dickies Oakport Coach Jacket, Waldenburg Jacket and Crafted Camo Puffer Jacket.

Dickies pants and trousers are a must have for any wardrobe. Whatever your style preference there is a Dickies pant just for you. The classic Dickies 873 Work Wear Pant comes in a number of colours, with more casual styles including the Dickies Silver Firs Pant and Glacier View Pant providing further options. 

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