Gramicci was born out of the climbing explosion in California during the 1980s. As a sport, rock climbing, bouldering and free climbing had slowly gained popularity since the 1950s and 60s within America's National Parks. As the discipline infiltrated suburban America, clothing fit for purpose become more and more in demand. Mike Graham was one such climber that frequented Yosemite for its towering and challenging rock faces - leading him to develop a pair of climbing shorts that birthed the Gramicci brand as we know it today.


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The climbing shorts made by Mike featured a gusset crotch and a one hand web belt release, that came to be the Gramicci G Shorts, and later Gramicci G Pants that we know and love today. But where did the name Gramicci come from? Gramicci came to be during one of Mike Graham and friends excursion to Yosemite, with the aim for becoming the first all Italian team to climb Half Dome. One slight snag got in their way - Mike Graham was not Italian. Nothing a quick name change couldn't fix, and thus Mike Graham became Mike Gramicci! And it was there the Gramicci name was born, and later given to his line of climbing clothing.

Over time, the Gramicci brand hit peaks and troughs, running into production and financing issues, leading to it peter out throughout the mid 00s. A change of ownership, and location, saw the brand offshoot and relocate to Japan. Bringing the Gramicci G Pant and G Short back to life, with Japanese materials and engineering, saw the brand rise to the top once again amidst the streetwear boom of the late 00s into the 2010s.

The Gramicci brand now is known for its design and quality, mixed perfectly with functionality - just as it was in the 80s. Each season at The Chimp Store we see Gramicci G Pants and G Shorts in a range of carryover and seasonal colours, as well as new apparel pieces. Gramicci hoodies with their recognisable Tribeman logo come in premium 100% cotton, while Gramicci t shirts and pocket t shirts make for great outfit addition.

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