Since 1908, SIGG have been pioneering the use of aluminium to create durable, high quality homewares and accessories. From pots and pans to water bottles and lunch boxes, SIGG have stayed true to their belief that aluminium remains the material of the future. If stylish equipment for when you're on the move is what you're looking for, SIGG is sure to provide just what you need. Water bottles, lunch boxes and flasks for all occasions.


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SIGG water bottles are a product of over 50 years of aluminium work and expertise - since 1908 SIGG explored the use of aluminium for a variety of products, resulting in them creating a market leading water bottle style in the 1960s. The SIGG aluminium water bottle began life as a bedside bottle, and evolved overtime to take the form of a traveller bottle. With it's durable composition and altered profile it became increasingly popular. 

The SIGG Traveller bottle, comes in a 1 litre size, and is a lightweight 147 grams. Available in a range of colours, it features the iconic SIGG screw top, with a cary handle perfect for attaching to bag straps, belts of just carrying with one finger.

Further to the SIGG Traveller Bottle, we offer a wide range of accompanying products including the SIGG Metal Lunch Box - available in three colours. In durable aluminium, with secure clips and a protective plastic overlay, it makes for the perfect on-the-go lunch box option. 

Finally, the SIGG Gemstone IBT Thermo Flask completes our range of products. In a 1.1 litre capacity, the SIGG Thermo Flask keeps your drink hot or cold for hours, thanks to its vacuum insulation. The screw top cap works as a cup, for when on the move. 

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