Stan Ray

Stan Ray have almost 50 years of experience in the military/workwear game. Starting life in Texas in 1972, they originally produced fatigue pants based on 1950s military styles. As it so often goes with heritage brands, Stan Ray saw their products go from military and workwear specific, to breaking into daily life and becoming the pant of choice for many across the US.


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This evolved into a line of workwear pieces, most notably the Stan Ray Painter Pant, made in durable cotton twill and denim - bringing them up to where they are today - producing clothes that are designed for wear and movement with minimum fuss.

Stan Ray 80s Painter Pants bridge the gap between traditional workwear styles and modern day relaxed fit pants that many have come to adopt. Available in a number of colours and materials from cotton twill to denim each season, 80s Painter Pants are a must have.

Further trouser styles include their Fat Pant - a fatigue pant style that echoes the brands humble beginning manufacturing trousers for the military. Available in core colours, Navy and Olive they make for a great everyday relaxed fit pant, that works as well dressed up as they do dressed down. 

Accompanying their pant options, Stan Ray bring us a range of printed t shirts and hoodies each season. Stay Ray t shirts come in a 100% cotton blend, with playful graphics in a relaxed fit. Stan Ray OG Logo hoodies are a carry over style that come in heavyweight cotton jersey - available each season. 

Continuing to push their workwear silhouettes, Stan Ray jackets take the form of their Box Jacket. With large front patch pockets in a mix of hickory stripe colours this season, this jacket is a stand out piece from Stan Ray.

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