Tokyo Sandwich Club

Fresh out of Tokyo, Tokyo Sandwich Club bring us a unique range of neatly branded goods, across premium Japanese made materials and silhouettes. As the name suggests, clothing is not all the brand have turned their hand to, in fact their eponymous line of menswear and accessories was born out of, you guessed it, sandwiches. 


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Born out of Sendagaya in Shibuya, a bustling area of bars, restaurants and shops, Tokyo Sandwich Club began life as a catering group and has since developed into mainstay eatery among their local community. Entrenched in local lifestyle, Tokyo Sandwich Club offer up some of the best looking sandwiches, and consequently, clothing that we've ever seen. 

It's no secret that Japanese design is revered across the world as clean, aesthetically pleasing and very well executed. This is true for both Tokyo Sandwich Club's food offering, and their accompanying line of apparel. Referring to themselves as a Sandwich Souvenir Service, Tokyo Sandwich Club take the food and merch game to the next level.

The line of branded goods from Tokyo Sandwich Club is comprised of well-developed wardrobe staples. Hoodies, t shirts, long sleeve t shirts and accessories - in a monochromatic colour palette, woven from premium cotton blends. 

The Tokyo Sandwich Club Hoody comes in a heavyweight 12oz brushed back cotton, with durable ribbed cuffs and hem. Made in an open ended yarn, Tokyo Sandwich Club hoodies only get better with age. 

T shirts and long sleeve t shirts from Tokyo Sandwich Club come in 100% cotton, and are cut and sewn to the brands own specification. Finished with printed branding on the chest, these unique brand carrier options are packed full of style. 

Accessories from Tokyo Sandwich Club include tote bags and headwear. The TSC Classic Tote is an oversized shopper style, with reinforced cotton canvas straps, and smaller side pocket and double layered base, making for a hardwearing, good looking bag option. 

If Japanese menswear is your thing, look no further than Tokyo Sandwich Club and their premium line of goods.

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